Graduation Week

by Khaki Scout

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Been sitting on these for awhile.
Not even close to being finished.
High school sucks.


released May 26, 2014



all rights reserved


Khaki Scout Hammond, Indiana

two friends from Indiana and Michigan, we met once and write through facebook chat

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Track Name: JB Is The Devil, I Tell Ya (Demo Version)
Well, I told you how I felt. I had hoped you'd say you felt it too.
But things, they didn't play out like I'd hoped.
I guess in the end there was nothing I could do.

She said I had a heavy heart. I told her she could free it loose.
She just shook her head and sat there, her cheekbones glowing in the moon.

So then I asked her, "Do you lie awake at night thinking of words you wish you'd said?" Like, "Did you ever get that job?" or did you just give up instead?
I told you how I felt. I ruined everything that night. Although we don't talk much now, I think that things will be alright.

Well, I, I did, I told you how I felt.
Track Name: For The Record, Those Are Still My Records (Demo Version)
Everything you said to me is bullshit, I know it.

You drove me home about an hour ago. I said that I was sorry, 'cause sorry's all I've ever known. If I had known this is how it would end, I never would've gone back again.

Tell me more about his face. (Tell me more, tell me more)
Tell me everything you've been keeping from me.
Does he love you like I do? (Wait, dude, I think you mean "did")
Tell me why he makes you happy.

Why does it feel like these things only happen to me?
Why should I care?

Remember everything we did? no? Just forget it.
Remember telling me you love me? (Well what happened to that now?)
I gave so much for you and got nothing in return.
Could I at least have my records back?

Tell me everything.

Why can't you be open and honest? 'Cause I gave up more than I should say. I don't think this is fair to me, but I don't think you care anyway.

So just leave me.